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Experience That Matters

Jason Barnsley completed his apprenticeship in  Eastern Pennsylvania with a firm that has membership in the elite American Pipe Organ Builders Association. Because of the high standards of that organization, it means that the quality of training Jason was exposed to was very exacting and demanding in quality, standards, materials and ethics.

His training included working on instruments of various design and style. Completing rebuilding and service work on all the major North American builders from the 1880's to present day.

Jason returned to Western Canada from the US in 2013, and moved to Calgary to begin his pipe organ company in 2014.

Jason has mastered all of the skills necessary to build fine new instruments, rebuild older instruments, and to complete regular tuning and maintenance for existing instruments.

Jason also worked at the National Music Centre, located in Calgary, AB from 2015-2019, maintaining the collection of instruments and the exhibits, and assisting in the restoration of their pipe organs.

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