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New Instruments

A new instrument designed and built specifically for your sanctuary or other building, working within your budget to provide the most organ for the available dollar.

Rebuild Existing Instruments

A refurbishment, cleaning and total repair of your existing instrument. This work can often be completed in several stages to lessen the financial burden on the congregation.

Reduntant Organs

Often, especially in large US cities, churches can die and close, leaving behind generations worth of stewardship, including pipe organs. Changing worship styles in some denominations can also mean that pipe organs are being removed. This means that there are pipe organs which have become redundant, or unnecessary and are usually put up for sale or donation.


Savvy congregations who still desire a pipe organ can benefit by purchasing a used complete pipe organ at a fraction of the cost of new, and then having a builder such as Barnsley Pipe Organs rebuild and relocate the instrument to your church. In some cases, historic & venerated instruments are available, and some churches are willing to donate a used pipe organ to another congregation. If this path is an interest to you and your congregation, Jason can work with you to locate and acquire a redundant pipe organ.

Tuning and Maintenance

A pipe organ needs tuned as serviced at least twice a year, either in the fall or spring as the temperatures change, or during Advent and Lent in preparation of the Holy Feast Days of the church. Regular tuning and maintenance by a competent professional is paramount to maintaining the instrument, and ensuring that large problems don't creep up. Church organists or other keyboard proficient volunteers supplied by the church are allowed to act as key-holders to reduce the cost of the tuning.

Note: Electronic Organ Dealers and hobbyists are not trained pipe organ technicians, and they are not qualified to do any work on wind-blown pipe organs. It takes 6 - 8 years training with a fully functioning pipe organ builder to learn the craft of pipe organ building and service. In the end, untrained persons will do more to damage to your pipe organ than to fix it. 

A Lamborghini owner doesn't go to the corner garage to have their car worked on. They go to the technician who has been fully trained to service their very specialized and expensive vehicle.


Whether it's adding a rank of pipes, adding chimes, digital voices, MIDI to the console or adding voices based upon current pipes are all options that are available.

Often times, components for additions can be purchased from reduntant pipe organs that are being "parted out", adding a further savings from having new components manufactured.

Reed Organs

Jason is experienced in rebuilding antique reed organs. These interesting instruments were very popular on the prairies from the 1880's until the 1930's. When fully working and tuned, they have a very sweet rich tone.

The major work for old Reed Organs is the bellows, which after 80-100 years can need recovering.

Often a good thorough cleaning and recovering of the bellows is all that a reed organ needs.

Call today for an estimate to keep your heirloom reed organ sounding top notch.

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