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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Whitehorse YT

Part of the job for the restoration/rebuilding of the Kilgen organ at Trinity Lutheran was to build a console, as the original was lost in the fire. An older 1970's walnut console was reclaimed from an electronic organ and gutted. New burled maple interior was added to the console to increase it's refinement. The original metal roll top was replaced with a new solid walnut roll top. We see the construction of the roll top above from left to right. The wooden strips of the roll top are milled and laid out for a pleasing and consistent grain pattern. In the next picture we see the strips being glued together using a thick canvas backing. and finally we see the finished roll top in the closed and open positions. For further information on this project, please check out the articles and press page.

St. Matthew's Lutheran Calgary Alberta

This shows the state of the original table grid, with cracks running from note to note.


Here the original toeboards have been rearranged to maximize space, and to create room for the 8' Open Diapason puffers to go.


The underside of the great chest, pre-restoration.


Removing the old rubbercloth is a dirty frustrating job!

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